Genoa-Kingston United Way

The Genoa-Kingston United Way is a voluntary nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in DeKalb county serving the communities of Genoa and Kingston. Contributing to the Genoa-Kingston United Way is tax deductible. Your contribution is used for the health, welfare, recreation,
and education of the citizens of Genoa and Kingston.

Our Mission Statement: Uniting Community Resources
to improve lives.

The Annual Campaign

The 2020 goal for the Genoa-Kingston United Way
is $40,000.00. Please help us reach our annual goal
by making a donation today.

How is money granted?
Interested agencies submit their request for a grant to the United Way Board of Directors. The board then carefully discusses and evaluates the need and the direct impact in the Genoa-Kingston communities to determine dollars awarded to each agency.

Who are the members of the Genoa-Kingston United Way?

The Genoa-Kingston United Way is a group of residents from the cities of Genoa and Kingston who volunteer
their time for the benefit of their communities. The
Genoa-Kingston United Way has an Executive Board
and a Youth Board. The members of the Youth Board are students from the Genoa-Kingston High School.

Members of the Executive Board are:
Marcy Billington, President
Colleen Dander, Secretary
Matt Schambach, Treasurer
Christi Volkening, Youth Board Director
Rachel Gathman
Carol Hencken
Emma Warner

Members of the Youth Board are:
Keith Foster, Sponsor
Christi Volkening, Sponsor
Olivia Simmons, President
Sara Taylor, Vice President
Jack Bouque
Amber Fellows
Morgan Ferrara
Maddie Hill
Zachary Kaiser
Kailey Kline
Corinne Lavelle
Brayton Miracle
Lily Mueller
Joely Overstreet
Brook Pugh
Evan Skarzynski
Owen Simmons
Elli Wallace